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Prices are in $ USD |Exchange Rate Benefit sale 20% discount on 326POWER Products.
Prices are in $ USD |Exchange Rate Benefit sale 20% discount on 326POWER Products.


Before sending us a message, please check out the FAQ below in case we have listed the answer to your question!

Q:Why buy direct from 326POWER International distributors or our official retailers?

A: Buying 326POWER parts directly through our international distributors or official retailers allows for simple order processing and handling. As you are purchasing directly from the 326POWER brand we can also provide warranty on your parts.

Q: I purchased 326POWER parts through another company. Can we provide assistance with your order?

A: As you have purchased 326POWER parts through another company, please contact them regarding your order and any updates. As we are unable to provide any assistance due to your order not being placed directly through 326Power or our official retailers.

Q: How long does it take for the parts to get to me?
A: Usually small parts should take about a 5-7 business days to arrive at your address.

However large items or some items which needs assembling may take longer.

Q: I am not getting response on email and question?

A: We try our very best to respond to our customer in a timely manner, but sometime it may take few days to respond to your email especially during and after holidays.
In some instanes your reply email may be sent to your spam mail box. Please check your spam mail section.

Q: What is spring ID, H, K(Kg)?

A: Spring ID is Inside Diameter of Spring. Our typical Spring ID size is 63mm. We also have different ID springs

H is Spring height from bottom to top in mm. (e.g.  H100 is roughly 4”, H120 is 4.7” H140 is 5.5” )

Kg is referring to metric spring rate. We have wide variety of spring rate from 4K to 100Kg

Q: Do I need to pay import duties & taxes?

A: If your order is being delivered to UK/European Union/USA/Canada/Australia/New Zealand etc., you might be required to pay local taxes and import duties. This is common practice and the amount owed is calculated in accordance with the value of your goods. All local taxes and import duties are subject to the shipping company and local authority's discretion and neither 326POWER USA or 326POWER Japan are liable for any charges incurred. 

If you have any question please feel free to contact us here or by emailing

We’d be happy to assist you.